It is becoming more and more interesting to note that people across the globe are beginning to look into their diet, eating healthy, exercising regularly and reducing stress as much as possible in an attempt to increase their personal wellness. A health and wellness consultant is someone who is a specialist in the field who assists individuals to achieve and maintain proper health and wellness but advising them on health, diet, exercises and coping with stress. It is a rewarding opportunity to guide people to become healthy and happy so we have compiled a few criteria that you need to consider if you want to become a consultant in health and nutrition.

Learning More About the Career

It is crucial to first understand what the job entails before you make your decision on pursuing your career in this specific field. It is undoubtedly a diverse career with a great variety of specialization areas and focuses. They help people live their lives better by encouraging them to lead a lifestyle that is good their body, mind and soul. They would advise on aspects of nutrition, physiology, fitness and anatomy amongst others. You would also be able to work directly with people, giving hands-on direct advice. You will have to have the ability to understand people and their needs, think of various strategies, tactics and plans to fit the needs of a variety of clients. For example, a fitness plan that you draw up for a young girl in their 20s will be greatly different from one that you would write for a 35 year old mother of 3 kids. These Dietitian resources include adapting to various challenging issues and needs of the individuals who approach you for guidance and advice.

Educational Requirements

While there is no hard and fast rule to have studied health and wellness related subjects in school it, of course, helps if you have attended health and PE classes to get your path going right from the beginning. In addition, there may be electives on nutrition, fitness or wellness classes that you would want to enrol in. Certifications in basic first aid and other related health programs would be helpful too. The main focus should however be on the undergraduate program you decide to follow as there is no standard degree that you can follow but will largely depend on the specific goal and preference of field. For example; some of the degrees offered to help you pick from being a nutrition consultant to a fitness or holistic health consultant. Subjects such as biology, nutrition, health sciences or kinesiology are areas you may want to consider.

Licenses and Certification

When it comes to licenses and certifications in this particular section, there is no specific licensing exam but rather procedures that differ from country to country, field and area of specialization. In order to start practicing, you need to figure out where you would like to work and then apply for licensing as a health and wellness consultant according to that city’s requirements.

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