As kids, we were used to being taken to the dentist by our parents, often once every six months. However, did you know that this practice is something that needs to be continued even through your adult years? Sometimes even when you know how important it is, we become busy with work, college or kids and we simply forget to take care of ourselves. But since oral care is as important as your healthy diet and daily exercises, here are some signs that tell when you need to see your dentist.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is often ignored by many adults, especially if the pain resides in one or two days. Although many adults are used to ignoring this as something trivial sometimes toothache can be caused due to serious reasons. It is important to go for at least a checkup when you experience a toothache even when the pain stops soon. This is because it is possible that even when whatever the infection that caused you pain has stopped there is a possibility of the root cause of the disease still remaining.


Oversensitivity of the teeth can be easily found out when you eat hot or cold food. If you feel a pain in your teeth when you eat or drink ice cream, hot water, tea etc. there is a possibility of you experiencing tooth decay. Tooth decay first will affect the surface of your teeth bus as the condition develops it will spread into the center of the teeth where the nerves and the blood vessels are located. But early treatment can prevent tooth decay from developing into something more serious.

Inflamed Gums

If your gums show the symptoms such as swelling and inflammation you will definitely have to go to a dentist. This is caused by hardened plaque that gets accumulated under the gum line. There are also instances where inflamed gums can be a symptom of periodontitis or gingivitis, which is a condition that can cause tooth loss if not treated as early as possible. If you don’t already have a dentist it is time to look for a dentist rosebud and get an appointment to treat your gums.

Dry Mouth

Many would not think of having a dry mouth as a serious enough reason to get treatment. Dry mouth occurs due to several reasons. Most of the time it happens as a result of age or prescription drugs but there are instances you might experience a dry mouth without the above two reasons. On such occasions it is very important to go for a checkup as this can be a result of bacteria activity in the mouth or even a disease in the mouth.


Most people never associate a headache with anything to do with their teeth or mouth. But sometimes it is possible that these two are closely related. Frequent headaches, especially in the morning can be a result of you grinding teeth at night. If this is the reason, as a treatment you will give you a mouthguard to wear at night – a nightguard – to prevent you from grinding your teeth. Early treatment for this can help to relieve the headaches.

Always remember that even as an adult, oral care is very important. Getting your teeth and mouth checked and receiving early treatment can help you to prevent more serious conditions that can affect your oral health.

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