In assessing the anatomy of a vaping mod, the significance of the coil is quite high. Why? Because it’s the duty of the coil to heat the wick that’s soaked up with e-juice. When this process keeps happening, again and again, the coil wears off, and it must be replaced timely. But what would happen if you let the coil be as it was and continued to use the mod?

This read contains 4 of the most prominent and common downsides of not replacing the vape mod coil.

More Battery Use, Less Vapor Production

Owning a vaping mod over a pen is always the better choice. After all, mods allow you to change performance levels based on your needs. But when the coil needs replacing, it won’t be able to heat the e-juice-soaked wick at different voltage levels.

This simply means that, when the coil uses up the appropriate energy for a certain volume of vape cloud, it just won’t happen, although the energy will be used up. That’s why this energy waste should be avoided with mod coils replacements for good.

Not Being Able to Enjoy the Best Flavors

As it was mentioned, the coil has a specific job inside the vaping mod. That job is connected with certain voltages at which some flavors need to be vaporized at.

Once this temperature is not able to be met, you won’t be able to taste the vapor in the way it should be. This simply means that the flavor won’t be the same with a worn-out coil. Given how affordable coils are, you probably shouldn’t taste your favorite flavors in an insufficient way.

The Direct Damage to the Mod

The coil is an integral part of the mod. Given how it is interconnected to some of the most other important parts of the mod, the poor functioning of the coil forces these other parts to overperform to fulfill the deficit created by the poorly functioning coil.

This chain connects the two ends of the devices. This is the reason why prolonged use under these conditions would sabotage your expensive vaping mod, and that’s not worth it at all.

Leading to Excessive Coughing

If the off-flavored vapor didn’t ruin your vaping experience, there’s another thing coming – the burnt vapor. Once the coil cannot provide the necessary heat to vaporize the wick, the coil itself will be burning.

This burning of the coil brings out a burnt vapor that’s going to trigger harsh coughing. If the damage was done right, it’s going to be more or less a bad trip, and experiencing that with your favorite flavor would be a shame.


Replacing the coil of your vape mod is essential once the time is right, and now you know why. But if you replaced it with a low-quality coil, premature burning out, the flavor being off, and such other complications can take place. Hence, the best solution is to go for reliable products that always increase the effectiveness of the entire vape mod following the replacement.

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