Most of the times in today’s competitive world, we are not really intact with ourselves. In fact, it has come to a point where we completely disregard ourselves until something really bad happens at some point or the other. So here are some easy ways you can use to connect with yourself better.

Work those muscles

Working out is a huge part of keeping intact with yourself. As you work out your body, muscles and even mind are interlinked in a way that is much more relaxing than any other. So even if you cannot find the time to simply jog a bit or lift a couple weights in the gym, try something at home or even on the weekends. You could also opt to use the stairs instead of the lift as a way exercising, park away from the destination and walk that extra block or two, to simply give your body a much needed work out even in a simple way.

Quiz the brain

Just like your entire body, your brain too needs exercising. You need to challenge yourself with questions, try out new things in a different way or even read up something interesting and try to understand the backstory and all that is relevant and related to it. this way you are constantly working your brain in a way where in case you need to think fast, you can do so. It also reduces the chance of getting diseases related to memory loss and such. You also need to eat the right foods that are rich with omega 3 and other nutrients to help your brain stay healthy as well.


We humans crave attention, to ourselves and from others. However, with the way technology has developed, today we don’t really need to take that extra mile to connect. Everything is on your palm at the luxury of a simple touch. But this isn’t the best way to connect as it limits you to a device like a hermit in corner. Instead use the luxury of meeting up and talking face-to-face so that there is a better way of connecting physically rather than virtually.


Some generally prefer to work in a mess, because in a twisted way, it works with them. However, generally it is essential that you have your workspace and surrounding, clear and clutter free. This way you mind and body too would feel more relaxed to function as necessary. So do pay extra attention on cleanliness as well.

Consider the above tips and use them on a day to day basis so that you can connect with your mind and body better!

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