Having strong and healthy teeth might require a lifetime of work. It is important that one remains vigilant and takes extra care to continuously make sure that the teeth are in good condition. Furthermore, a bad oral condition not only can cause bad breath but can also lead to many systemic conditions such as infective endocarditis that can affect the valves of the heart. So let’s look at how one can maintain his oral hygiene:

Fix the Problem Early

Tooth problem may start as a mild toothache or sensitivity. People tend to neglect that and just continue to take over the counter painkiller. Chances are that plaque has formed and it’s best if you take care of it now.  You can walk to your nearest emergency dental care and seek help from a professional and get the issued sorted out early on.

Brush Properly

In a recent survey it was estimated that more than 50% of the people had poor brushing technique which leads to residual plaque build-up. This is due to poor knowledge of the brush. Make sure you take a little bit of toothpaste and brush in semi-circular motions instead of side to side. Also on the inner surface of the teeth make sure you clean it downwards to upwards. This will ensure you can reach those hard to get areas and prevent plaque build-up.

Becoming Familiar with Floss

The minty flavoured thing string that you call a floss should become your new friend. Yes at first you might sense discomfort and find it annoying altogether. That is because you have not got used to flossing. Dentists says that flossing improves the longevity of your teeth by 40% if done properly. Food particles can get stuck in between the teeth and by flossing you can ensure that your mouth is clear of any residual food particles/

Use Your Teeth Only For Chewing

A lot of advertisement may show people using their teeth to open things like soda bottles and so forth. That is pure marketing trying to promote their brand of toothpaste. If you risk using your teeth to crack a nut and rip open packaging you can risk chipping off teeth.

Protect Your Teeth

You only get one set of teeth so make sure you protect them. If you play any contact sports such as boxing or martial arts make sure you are wearing a mouth guard.


There are certain types of foods that soften tooth material and dissolve the enamel. This leads to holes in the tooth which can lead to cavities. Once these cavities are exposed certain foods will irritate it causing pain.  Now things like citrus, acidic foods are known to cause this. So try to reduce the consumption of such foods

Clean the Tongue

A lot of people tend to forget the clean a very important part of the mouth the tongue. The tongue has small protrusions called the papillae. This has a very high surface area so the foods particles can deposit there. Further on bacteria can accumulate and decompose causing breath. A proper brushing of the tongue can avoid this problem.

There you have it. These are some minor changes that you can do to take care of your oral hygiene.

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