Kava is becoming a popular wellness supplement these days. However, it is not as common as other health supplements such as CBD since only a few people know much about kava. Kava supplements are derived from the roots of the kava plant.

The roots are ground and extracted to get the full health benefits of this wonder plant. While you can already buy kava these days as a tea, concentrate, or even as a ready-made drink at kava bars, drinking kava actually originated from the Pacific Islands where it is taken as a ceremonial tea. If you’re planning to try kava, there are some basic facts you need to know first.

Kava Facts

First of all, kava doesn’t taste really appealing. It has a natural earthy flavour because it comes from the root part of the kava plant. Some might find it bitter in taste but you could always add sweeteners or other ingredients to improve the taste. The active compound in kava supplements are the kavalactones.

This compound is the one responsible for the amazing effects after taking it such as relaxation and pain relief. While kava is legal in other countries and states, there are some places where the use of it banned such as Canada, France and UK. Be sure to check the state laws and see if selling or using kava is legal in your place. If it’s legal, then you could buy bulk kava online if you’re planning to sell it out or just for personal use.

Benefits of Kava

Kava is popular on its relaxing effect after taking it. However, there are still plenty of health benefits you could get when taking kava on a regular basis.

  • Helps Reduce Anxiety – One great effect of kava is its anxiety reducing feature. After taking kava tea or any kava supplement, you’ll notice that you’ll feel less anxious without affecting your consciousness and alertness. You could still maintain focused yet in a relaxed state. Aside from that, kava doesn’t cause dependency unlike other traditional anti-anxiety drugs.
  • Gives Better Sleep – If you’re experiencing sleep problems such as insomnia, taking kava can greatly help in your condition. Taking kava before sleeping helps a person relax better and feel less stressed even after a busy day. You’ll definitely have better sleep quality when you go to bed with a relaxed state of mind rather than with a stressed and anxious feeling.
  • Helps in Urinary Tract Conditions – If you’re experiencing urinary tract issues such as UTI, pain or incontinence, taking kava is proven to help in treating these conditions. However, it shouldn’t be used as a sole treatment. The cause of the urinary tract conditions should be identified first to get proper treatment and use kava supplements as a conjunctive treatment for these problems.
  • Helps in Benzo Withdrawal – If you’re just stopping your benzo treatments, you’ll notice some withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety which is a normal part of the process. Kava can help combat this anxiety during this stage of withdrawal, helping you cope better with the symptoms.

With all those benefits, kava is definitely a wonderful health supplement you should try out.

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