Most people today are huge fans of fitness. You’ll never find a gym or fitness centre empty because there are lots of people who want to work out to stay fit.

For bodybuilders, one of the common problems they face is finding clothes that fit their body perfectly. Most clothing retailers are focused on the lean and slim body type. However, you don’t actually need to pick oversized clothes to cover all those muscles. Stick to your size when buying clothes. You can even downsize if you prefer wearing fit clothes since you have everything to show-off.

Here are a few useful tips for dressing up if you have a muscled body.

Stay Natural and Neutral

For big guys, it is recommended to stick to natural or neutral colours such as white, black, grey and brown. People can already notice you because of your size so you don’t need to call more attention to yourself. Although in summer, you can still wear bright coloured mens tank tops since they look more appropriate for the season.

Have Light Layers

During cold seasons, it is obvious that you need to wear layers of clothing to keep warm. With little to no body fat, you may get cold easily. However, keep your layers light so you won’t look too huge or bulky. Clothes such as cardigans, long-sleeved shirts, thin sweaters and thin trench coats are your best friend. Avoid bulky clothing such as downed puffer coats and knitted wools since it wouldn’t look so nice.

Slim-fit Denim

When choosing denim pants, you don’t need oversized ones to accommodate your quads. Choose slim-fit or relaxed-fit denim for best fit. There are plenty of trendy denim cuts to choose from so you can really find one that looks best on your body type. One thing you should avoid is those skinny jeans since it would make your legs look awkward.

Tailor It

If you’re into bodybuilding, finding a tailor that could cater to your outfit needs is essential. Most clothing companies only focus on manufacturing clothes for those with average body type. A tailor can greatly help you customize your own outfit based on your body size and shape. While they come a little bit costly, you’ll be assured that your clothes look great on you.

Choose Your Brand

 With so many clothing brands, finding one that suits your tastes can be difficult. Do some researches on companies that specialize in clothing for buff lads to find designs perfect for your body. Investing in a good pair of shoes and a classy watch also adds to your style.

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