A healthy and harmonious family requires much time and effort to maintain. When you keep your family at this condition, everything just seems so right no matter what challenges you’re facing with. However, there are plenty of factors that could affect the stability of a family – factors such as daily stress, work-life balance, family crisis, and a lot more. When this happens, the family members need to support one another in order to get past through these challenges as a whole in a healthy way.

There are times when your family is facing such heavy burdens that you might feel you can’t face it on your own. During these hard times, you can always seek for professional help to help get you through the situations in a healthy and effective way. If you’re looking for a good family counselling in Perth, here are some tips in finding a good counsellor for your needs.

Ask Your Doctor for Recommendations

If you don’t know where to start looking for a counsellor, one of the easy ways you could to is to ask your family doctor for recommendations. Having worked with different families through time, they surely know where to recommend you when your family needs counselling service. Most likely they know a family therapist or two and will recommend you to the one that specializes in the type of crisis your family is facing.

Personal Recommendations

If you have family or friends who have experienced undergoing family counselling, asking them for recommendations can also help make your search a lot easier. Ask them about their experience on that therapist to have an idea on how he or she handles families and clients. Most likely, your relative or friend will recommend ones whom they had a good counselling experience with or those who effectively helped them through the crisis their family faced.

Pastoral Care

If religion is a big factor that you want to consider when choosing a therapist, one of the best ways you could to find the right therapist is to ask your religious leader for suggestions. Most likely, they know therapists and counsellors who have the same faith as you do. If you’re family has a strong religious background, choosing a counsellor with similar faith makes the counselling process less complicated since both parties know how to deal with each other with consideration on their faith and beliefs.

Research Online

Aside from those 3 ways, you may also do your own research online. Most counselling services nowadays have their own website making them easier to reach for prospective clients. You could also get an idea on the quality of service they provide by reading through client reviews and rating on their website. Create a shortlist of the counsellors that you think will suit your family’s needs and start narrowing it down from there.

Facing challenges as a family makes the issue a lot lighter. But when it comes to a point that you feel it’s overwhelming for your family, don’t hesitate to consult your family therapist for expert help.  

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