It has been studied that about eight percent of the world population will experience a back pain at some point in their lives. This means that it is something that is really commonplace. Even then it is also one of those conditions that many of us find hard to avoid and also hard to get rid of once it takes hold. If you have been suffering from regular backaches and pains you should probably look into why you are getting them to begin with. But if you already know why and you just need to get some quick relief from the pain, you should try your best to use these methods and see if it can help you out.

Cold and Hot Compresses

One of the best treatments that you can give yourself at home would be with hot and cold compresses. Immediately after the onset of pain in your back which could indicate an injury use cold compresses like ice packs on the area that is affected. You should repeat this several times a day as it will give you immediate relief from the pain due to the numbing effect and it will also help reduce the swelling. After about 48 hours of the pain you can switch to hot compresses and hot water bottles that will soothe the muscles and increase blood flow to the area, accelerating the healing process. Do keep in mind that if your pain continues after 1 week you should see your doctor as this method will no longer be effective after a week.

Alternative Therapies and Physiotherapy

Based on the kind of injury that you have sustained or the underlying medical condition that is causing your backache, you should definitely think about moving on to alternative therapies. Some of these would be consulting a massage therapist Docklands or in any other area that you are based in. Or you could also make use of physiotherapy that will help you relieve the pain. Both of these methods will help you get rid of your backache in the long run but of course the success rate depends on the injury or condition that you have. For example if it is a herniated disc also known as slip disc you might need medical treatment and sometimes surgery based on the severity of the case.

Avoid Taking Extensive Bed Rest

Back in the day it was believed that bed rest is what is really important in order to recover from a back injury or pain. But in recent years doctors have been disagreeing with this notion more and more as it has been proven that lying on the bed all day long can actually do more harm to your back than good. Unless you have been expressly advised not to stay up or unless you have pain so severe that it stops you from moving around, you should only get a few hours of bed rest in addition to the time that you actually sleep in the span of one day.

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