How often do you skip meals to simply achieve that dreamy skinny look? Probably for a month or two or may be even more. But what you need to understand is that being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy neither does being thin mean you are fit. Doing what is right for your body in the right way is how you can achieve that look and if that means you might need more carbs then go ahead and stuff a loaf or two of white bread (not really)! Here is how you can truly achieve that dream figure, the right way.


Running is a great way of staying fit and healthy. As you run your body burns a lot of extra calories and such. These extra calories that you are so concerned about when eating, could be easily lost as you run. This way you can maintain the perfect figure while also burning those extra calories and giving your body a much needed exercise.

Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although technically you cannot skip breakfast, you need to ensure that you have your meals on time. And that means eating breakfast when it should actually be eaten, in the morning. Even if you are on some sort of diet, make sure that you have at least something light rather than not eating anything at all!

Drink plenty of water

Water takes up a majority of space in your body. However, as you work out and sweat or run or even cry, water is released from your body. And this lost water needs to be fed back in to your body and that can only be done by taking in more of it. It is also the perfect remedy to banish those unwanted hunger pangs that are all in your head!

Use small plates

The smaller a plate is, the lesser the content you could include on it. This way you automatically control the amount of food you include as a part of your diet and you wouldn’t even need to unnecessarily restrict your diet. So stick to using smaller plates.

Skip the second

Sometimes you might think you are hungry as you finish one serving, but you actually aren’t. Give your stomach 20 minutes and then if you still feel hungry you can go for that second or skip it altogether.

Use the above tips and stay healthy and fit! This way you wouldn’t have to starve unnecessarily nor limit your food intake over and beyond.

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