The common flu is perhaps the single most common condition (even as its name suggests) that affects everybody irrespective of any factor and yet remains without a permanent eradication method. The virus is so common and powerful that if you catch it, you will go down with it for a few days at least. However while it can be really irritating, if you look after yourself well, you will be completely fine in a couple of days or more. Here are some ways you can treat the common flu at home easily.

Know the Symptoms

One of the key things that can really help you out is identifying the main symptoms that will lead up to the full-blown flu and starting to treat it then and there. The most common symptoms would start with an achy and itchy throat that progresses into a sore throat situation. You may feel feverish and lose your appetite. Body aches and headaches are very common while some people also experience nausea and vomiting along with a bad stomach. You will also see that you are sneezing a bit and that your nose has become quite runny.

Get Some Symptom Relievers

The biggest issue with the common cold is that there is no actual medication that can fight off the infection. Sure you can take antibiotics like prescription medicines but that will only help your natural immunity fight harder. It will not magically get rid of all your symptoms in one go. Therefore, even if you start to feel slightly better once you are on the meds, make sure that you continue to keep taking them right through to the end of the course or you may come down with a medication resistant more virulent form of the flu that will harm you more.

Try To Eat Warm Food

Even though you may have lost your appetite completely and you may not even feel smell and taste anymore, it is important that you eat because your body will need the energy to build up its immunity and fight the virus in your body. Therefore, not eating will only increase that feeling of malaise and make you feel much weaker. Things like a warm stew with crusty bread, warm tomato soup, chicken noodle soup and even tom yum soup will work really well to keep you replenished, hydrated and nourished while also feeling really soothing on your throat.

Get Enough Rest

You may have noticed that when you exert yourself while you are down with the flu, the fever increases. That is because fever is a symptom produced when your immune system is fighting off the virus and trying to get it out of your system. Your body feels exhausted because there is a bit of a battle going on inside. If you get plenty of rest for the first couple of days at least your immune system will have a better chance of winning this battle than if you keep on exerting yourself. Get sleep and rest as much as possible. Limit all strenuous activities if you can.

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