Mobility aids are devices like walking sticks and scooters that mostly elderly Australians rely on to move about. The market for mobility aids is in high demand. Unfortunately as a result, a number of scams, spurious and unethical businesses have popped up. Because the elderly are dependent on mobility aids, scam artists can easily exploit them and make a patient buy an expensive product. If you are an elderly person or someone who takes care of the elderly, here’s are several things to be aware of to avoid these mobility aid scams:

Purchase Only from a Legitimate Seller

Mobility aids are available from various sources, such as hospitals, charities, aged care facilities, and private brands. But most Aussies buy mobility aids from pharmaceutical outlets. The best way to prevent getting conned is to find a legitimate local pharmacy, like this Bundoora chemist, that also sells mobility aids. The seller must be licensed and authorized to sell such aids. If you buy from a specialist, not only can you be assured of getting a real product, you will get a great price for your purchase as well.

Consider Renting

While the purchasing market for mobility aids might be tainted with the rare scam, the rental market is not. Consider whether it’s best to rent the mobility aid you need or buy it. Legitimate specialist sellers also make mobility aid rentals possible. You can largely expect to end up with a genuine product and not a counterfeit when you rent.

Avoid Sales Tactics

See a mobility aid ad on TV or on a poster? Don’t rush to buy. Sales tactics try to get people to buy things even if they don’t need them. It’s easy to end up with an expensive mobility aid you don’t need by listening to various sales pitches. Purchase the mobility aid only after consulting with your doctor. Don’t pay too much attention to what you see in the TV ads. Do your own research so you don’t fall into a sales trap.

Look for a Good Customer Policy

If the mobility aid came with a warranty and customer support, you can be largely assured that you are looking at a good product. A returns policy can help you avoid the scammers and spot the legitimate businesses selling mobility aids.

Review Sale Contract

Mobility aids are often sold with a sales contract, which spell out the conditions of the purchase. If no sales receipt or contract is provided, then you are looking right at a scam. Otherwise, review the sales contract to make sure it’s enforceable. Most people are unable to do this on their own, so you can always ask legal professional if necessary.

Pay Using a Credit Card

Under credit card conditions in Australia, you can easily cancel a purchase if the item you bought doesn’t arrive or is faulty in some way. This is a better option than paying for your purchase using cash in one go. As long as your credit card comes with these protections, you can expect to stay safe from scams.

Don’t give in to the pressure to buy a mobility aid of any kind. Consult with a doctor or a physical therapist at least before buying. Use the above tips to avoid scams and get the right mobility aids you need.

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