Nursing is a job that is highly rewarding but comes with weighty responsibilities. You essentially need to be a patient’s most reliable source of support during a period where they are at their most vulnerable. Nursing is for certain individuals- it’s definitely not for everyone- and for the right people who choose it, it can be a great career choice. Here are some characteristics you’d ideally possess if you want to be a successful nurse.


This has to be on the list because without dedication to your profession and if you’re simply doing it because you don’t know what else you can do; you’re setting yourself up for a frustrating career ahead. This will often reflect on how you treat your patients and you might even be susceptible to taking out your frustrations on them. The right dedication can stem from a lot of things- perhaps you were inspired by a family member taking the same path, or you were motivated to give back to society after receiving care yourself. You may just be an overly compassionate individual! This is the first step in knowing you’re the perfect candidate for that Skills Training aged care course or caregiver qualification.


Showing compassion to your patients is a job requirement. The ideal candidate would be able to be flexible, understanding as well as show kindness and concern despite any personal problems they might currently be facing. Compassion is not just a bonus attribute but a must- have. Centres are even taking steps to ensure that patients receive nurses who are capable of showing a compassionate and personalized approach. Essentially, every patient needs to be treated as if it’s your own family member receiving that treatment and support.


As a nurse, you’ll find yourself having to step up your patient, anticipate their needs and advocate for them. Your patient might not always be able to communicate what he needs but as professional, you’ll be able to isolate those and express them for him. If he has difficulty expressing his opinion, you’ll also have to speak up for him even if his opinions conflict that of his family. To properly advocate for your patients, this means you need to form an emotional connection to them. If a patient is difficult or seemingly unlovable (which is quite a common case), nurses have to have a persevering sense of advocacy, which usually tends to soften them into compliance.


The importance of patience cannot be stressed enough. Nursing is an incredibly demanding job that requires dealing with confused (and at times, irritated) patients, worried family members, carrying out multiple orders on behalf of your doctor and so much more! This is why having a patient approach to the chaos of the healthcare system is only bound to better it and improve the quality of care you give your patients.


You need to be constantly up for learning new techniques, procedures and practices because this field is always evolving, especially as more and more people realize the importance of it.

These are the ideal characteristics you’d need to have as nurse. Are you up for the challenge?

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