Pregnancy is a hard time for women. Aside from the huge responsibility of keeping the unborn healthy inside the womb, women also experience a lot of physical discomforts due to the bodily changes they undergo. However, with so many breakthroughs regarding maternity well-being, there are now lots of new ways to make pregnancy more comfortable.

Warm Baths

Not all women like to take a bath when they’re pregnant. But some women find taking a warm bath soothing and comforting. You may want to try bath salts that contain relaxing essential oils such as lavender for better sleep quality.

Hot Pad

One common problem pregnant women experience is back pain. Though it may not yet be apparent on the first few months, it slowly worsens as your belly grows. Lying down on a hot pad can help alleviate these aches since it relaxes those tired back muscles.


Some women experience heartburn especially when they’re on the third trimester of pregnancy. There are calcium carbonate antacid tablets that are specially made for pregnant women. Remember to consult your OB-GYN first before taking it.

Maternity Clothes

Investing in a few pieces of comfortable maternity clothing can help you a lot throughout your pregnancy. Modern maternity clothes are now more stylish than before – from maternity overalls, jumpsuits, dresses, leggings and more you’ll never get out of style.


Get rid of those leg cramps and other muscle pains. Taking magnesium as an additional supplement during pregnancy helps a lot in relieving body aches.

Better Sleep

Getting enough sleep while pregnant actually helps in reducing body discomforts during the day. Though it’s hard to sleep well at this time, you can make sleep quality better by aromatherapy. Try diffusing lavender oil with an aromatherapy diffuser or simply put a few drops on your pillow before going to bed a feel the difference. You may also want to try getting a pregnancy pillow which is specially designed to fit the needs of pregnant women.

Moisturizing Balm or Cream

There are few women of experience very dry skin while they’re pregnant. Applying a moisturizing cream over those dry areas does the trick. It can also lessen the appearance of stretch marks when applied on the belly. Make sure it’s made from natural ingredients that are safe for you and baby.

Sea Bands

Nausea is very common on the first trimester of pregnancy but for some, it even goes on for few more months longer. Sea bands are known to reduce nausea and vomiting by stimulating the P6 acupressure point. Many pregnant women tried and found it to be effective.

Belly Band

This helps a lot during the later stages of pregnancy. It provides support to lift the belly which reduces back aches.

Sanitary Liners

Experiencing little leakages during pregnancy, and even after giving birth, is a normal part of the process. Wearing sanitary liners helps in catching the leak and even the discharge during pregnancy.

There are still so many ways to stay comfortable during pregnancy. Each pregnancy is unique from one another so tune in with your body to know what it needs.

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