Are you sure that you are taking good care of your eyes? You may say yes at once but a rather large portion of the population in today’s society may actually not even be aware that they are making many mistakes that can harm their eye sight.

Sometimes we make these mistakes because we genuinely do not know that they can cost us the quality of our vision and sometimes, also more often than not, we make these mistakes because we get lazy and careless. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their eyes that can actually prove to be rather harmful.

Not Getting Specialist Advice

One of the main issues that most people tend to have is that they look for convenience in pretty much every aspect of their lives and for that reason decide that they can wear whatever lenses they want without the help and the advice of a specialist who has the authorization to do so. If you want to not wear glasses and get lenses instead get in touch with a contact lens specialist Perth or any other location as is easy for you based on where you are located.

They will be in the best possible position to give you the right advice on what you can and cannot wear as well as how you should be taking care of your lenses. For example, you should not touch the lenses with unclean hands and insert them in your eyes as that can lead to infection. You should not wear them in swimming pools, while showering and while sleeping. There are specific solutions that are needed to keep the lenses in so that they stay sterile.

Not Eating the Right Food

The kind of diet that you are taking in will affect pretty much every aspect of your life. You are actually what you eat to a rather large extent whether you like that or not. Having a good, clean and healthy diet pattern will affect everything from the quality of your eye sight to your skin, hair and general health and immunity and this is something that you really cannot afford to dismiss.

A lot of the time, what would happen is that we settle for cheap and easy meals that come in boxes and we tend to also satisfy our hunger with processed items or junk food that does nothing good for the human body. Try to include the right fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet along with sufficient leafy greens that will help you to stay healthy and also maintain your eye sight with the vitamins that they provide.

Smartphones and Overuse

We all have smartphones today and we all spend a rather large amount of our time on them. The problem with this is that we may overlook how much time we are spending on it and simply keep scrolling, especially when it comes to things like social media browsing. We hold the phones really close to our face and we even keep using them before we go to sleep. This can prove to be harmful.

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