We have all heard about how effective and nourishing native plants are in terms of medication. Native means something that is grown in that particular place or country. Each country has their own native plants that are used in different products.

Back before western medicine was introduced people depended on these native plants for cures from common illnesses. Each of them had their own medicinal purpose and could be used as remedies for different reasons. Australia too has plenty of these native plants that have been used for years, there are some you know about and some that are less common. Here are some of them.

Organic Lemon and Rose Myrtle

If you ever need something to boost immune system, mood and is packed with antioxidants then this concoction is the one to have. The mixture of these herbs is proven to be great solutions as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory remedies.

The rose petals that are included is a great source of Vitamin C and can be consumed daily. It does not make you feel uncomfortable and can even be consumed many times a day. If you love ice tea lucky for you it is bursting with flavour and is delicious when served chilled. Ideal for summer thirst quenching.

Native lemon grass, mint and passionfruit

All three of these sounds delicious to be mixed together or drunk separately. Known as the native relaxation all these native herbs and mixtures are ideal if you need to kick your legs up and unwind. It is perfect for summer as ice tea or even hot for the colder months. It boosts mood and immune system.

Native tea

Did you know Australian bush tea is quite common and widely consumed not only in Australia but around the world? The Australian blend is usually dark but sometimes it is too infused with different herbs making it a tasty concoction. The tea itself can be consumed by itself to enjoy the blast of flavour, however it is even great when a little sweet.

Native strawberries

Strawberries according to some can either be the most understated or overstated fruit. You either love it or strongly dislike it. Strawberries around the world taste different. In some countries strawberries can be small in size and sour however native Australian strawberries are quite the treat. It contains antioxidants and helps in digestion. Australian strawberries are larger and you can go strawberry picking during the season.

Native detox

We are all about detoxing our lives and bodies, it works for us from mental health and physical health perspective so naturally you would assume that there is a native remedy for it. Australian natives such as Ginger and Beetroot are your go to.

Once again it can be drunk as a form of a beverage or mixed in food such as salads. These vegetables are recommended to be eaten often as it helps bodily functions. You will feel lighter and more comfortable than stocking up on the starch.

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