Your feet are an extremely essential part of your body as they are responsible for carrying your entire body weight. Keeping your feet healthy is important in order to stay active. Neglecting the hygiene and health of your feet can lead to various diseases and foot problems.

In order to prevent diseases and to keep your feet healthy, here are some tips you should follow:

Keep your feet clean and dry

Healthy feet can be accomplished by practicing hygienic behaviour. Thoroughly clean and scrub your feet while you are having a bath. Once you are done, take time to properly wipe them as well. Fungi require moisture to grow so by drying up your feet, you are reducing the chances of their growth as well. Make sure to wipe between your toes as most people tend to forget these areas.

Examine your feet for any problems

Take the time to examine your feet at least once a week. If you are an athlete then you can visit the sports podiatry Preston every month to make sure your feet which are an asset for any sports player, are in top condition.  If you are a diabetic patient, check your feet everyday as a diabetic patient is more likely to obtain an infection.

Cut your toenails properly

 When cutting your toenails, make sure you cut them straight and not too close to the skin. Trimming your nails too close to the skin could cause an injury or result in painful, ingrown toe nails.

Try to avoid sharing footgear

In order to keep your feet healthy and avoid any kind of infection, make sure to only wear your very own footgear. Sharing other people’s footgear and socks will greatly increase the chances of you obtaining a fungal infection.

Try to prevent having sweaty feet

As mentioned above, excessive moisture is an ideal environment for fungal growth. Sweaty feet contain the required moisture for this. You can prevent your feet from getting sweaty by wearing socks. Socks made up of synthetic fibres do a better job of absorbing moisture than cotton or wool socks.

Make sure your shoes fit you well

Wearing shoes that are too tight for your feet can cause long-term foot problems. Try to stick to pairs of shoes which are broad at the front and consist of adequate space for your toes. Pointy-toed shoes can cause foot problems such as calluses and ingrown nails.

Know when you should see a doctor

If you have a painful foot injury then do not try to self-treat it. Sometimes by trying to treat the injury on your own, you could end up making it worse. If any redness, swelling or discoloration lasts for more than a few days then book an appointment and visit a podiatrist. By consuming the right medication and following professional instructions, you will be able to clear up the injury.

As our feet are the most prone to wear and tear, it is important to pay special attention to them. By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to keep your feet healthy and lead an active life on your feet.

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