Travelling has been the trend nowadays. With the cheap fare rates that several airlines offer, who would even say no? This new form of escape has engaged people of all ages and of all walks of life. Even the millennials travel around the world on their own. From the beach paradise of Maldives to the stunning Aurora Borealis of Alaska – people spend money for the experience. In fact, the trend today is to travel while you are still young and able. After all, there are so many physical restrictions once you reach a ripe age. However, it is difficult to enjoy travelling if you do not feel well so it is important to also take care of your body while you explore the world. How? Simply by keeping a first aid kit with you. Whether you travel alone or in groups, this first aid kit will surely come in handy anytime, anywhere. Pack these items in your first aid kit and you’re ready to go!

Gauze and Bandages

The gauze has many functions in the medical world. If you have a wound, use the gauze to soak up blood. Using the gauze, apply pressure to the wound to stop it from bleeding. After which, use the gauze to clean the wound. Place a gauze on the cleaned wound and secure it with tape to keep it in place. See? With just a gauze, you have cleaned and wrapped the wound. Although gauzes can be bought in rolls, it is best to buy the sterile ones that are packed in square sheets so you need not cut it. However, if you have a small cut, bandages alone will suffice.

Surgical Tape

Although a pair of scissors is an ideal tool to include in the first aid kit, you might encounter some airport issues if you travel with a pair of scissors. Hence, it is best to limit your first aid kit with surgical tape. This type of tape can be likened to a paper, which can be easily torn apart. With this tape, no need to bring along a pair of scissors.


Whether you travel in a city or through the mountains, insect bites and rashes commonly happen. You usually end up scratching it because it’s tremendously itchy. Although it’s not really a severe medical case, it can be an annoying thing while travelling. To avoid such, pack an antihistamine ointment with you. There are organic ointments such as paw paw cream that are made up of natural ingredients. It is proven to be less harmful on the skin. You can also bring antibacterial ointments that you can apply to any scrapes for it to heal faster.


Admit it. There are instances that you do not feel well. You are not a Super Human to claim that you always feel good. For travel purposes, bring some pain relief medication such as paracetamol or acetaminophen. It will help you alleviate any headache or slight pain. While travelling also encourages you to eat new cuisine, there are moments when your body does not like it and you end up having diarrhea; thus, pack some loperamide tablets to be sure.

Make sure you travel safely by keeping a first aid kit with you! It may add weight to your heavy baggage, but it will surely go a long way. Travel safe!

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