Medical doctors are our modern day heroes. Without them, it will be hard for us to diagnose and treat different kinds of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes and other illnesses that are not life-threatening. If you are feeling unwell right now, and you feel like going to the hospital to have yourself checked, you should know who to consult. He or she should be a specialist specifically if you have a serious medical condition. If you do not know what type of medical doctor to visit, continue reading below.


A cardiologist is a medical doctor that has a special skill and training when it comes to blood vessels and heart. If you are suffering from heart failure, high blood pressure, and the likes, you have to see one right away so he or she can give you proper care and treatment. Cardiologists may deal with different specializations such as adult cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, and interventional cardiology among others.


An obstetrician is a medical doctor that specializes in childbirth, pregnancy and the reproductive health of women. Women who are at high risk before and after pregnancy should go to an obstetrician when you are over 35 years old, suffering from a chronic disease, and you are drinking and smoking. Moreover, obstetricians treat the following health issues like ectopic pregnancy, fetal distress, obstetrical haemorrhage, and uterine rupture among others. They can do caesarean delivery and circumcision, too. If you are from the land down under, you may consult a Melbourne Obstetrician. They can give you the utmost care that you need throughout your pregnancy.


Are you suffering from calcium disorder, diabetes or thyroid problem? If yes, you have to see an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists specialize in glands and hormones. They can treat adults and kids, but if they are dealing with the latter, they are called paediatric endocrinologist. They will determine the medical conditions that affect your bone metabolism, cholesterol levels, pancreas and thyroid among others.


Neurologists deal with the central and peripheral nervous system which includes the brain, nerve, and spinal cord. They treat brain infections, headache problems, speech disorders, spinal problems, etc. If you have symptoms like confusion, dizziness, and muscle weakness, go and see a neurologist right away. Some of the subspecialties of a neurologist are autonomic disorders, child neurology, epilepsy, and geriatric neurology.


Oncologists are responsible for treating different types of cancer such as bone, breast, colon, lung, and thyroid among others. There are different types of oncologists’ namely medical oncologist who deals with chemotherapy sessions and immunotherapy, a radiation oncologist who use radiation therapy to treat cancer and surgical oncologist who eliminates the tumour during the surgery.

Without medical doctors, life will be a tough one especially if you are suffering from a disease. However, before you consult a specialist, see to it that you do thorough research or ask the people around you to help you find the best one out there. Do not trust easily.

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