Most people assume that physiotherapy or PT is something you will only need for recovery after serious injuries, learning how to walk or move. However, there are a lot of medical conditions that can easily treated with PT and they are not always serious conditions either. Take a look at the list below to find out five medical conditions that can be treated with pt.


Disequilibrium can occur due to many reasons. Most of times it is due to issues in your inner ear. The structure inside your ear is an essential part in your body’s balance (the vestibular system). Any issue that affects the inner ear can therefore cause problems such as dizziness or imbalance of body. While there are a lot of treatment methods you can follow to cure this, PT can help you with regaining your balance and coordination when faced with this condition. With the right exercise under PT you will learn to maintain your posture without falling over and being vulnerable to coordination problems.

Sprains or Strain Pain

Muscle weakness due to sprains or strains can sometimes cause pain. While most of the time the ache goes away in a few minutes sometimes it won’t it lasts for a considerable amount of time and instead make you suffer for hours becoming chronic. This is more common in lower back or in neck. Therapists can provide you a personalised exercise plan that would target the neck or back muscles specially to ease the pain on the affected muscles. Most of the times these treatments include massage, manipulation, exercise as well as pain education.


Sometimes certain injuries can affect your body’s ability to move. These conditions can either restrict your movement completely or can limit them by limiting your body’s ability to be flexible. With PT you will be able to regain the ability to move your body as before and improve your range of movements as it helps to strengthen your muscles and tissues. If you need this kind of treatment you can simply search for a PT expert online by typing in physio surfers paradise or gold cost depending on the area that is closest to you. They can recommend to you the kind of exercise you should follow to improve your movements.

Maintaining Your Posture

Even though most people do not recognize this, bad posture is the reason for a lot of injuries and pains that you will have to endure as you age. Certain injuries to neck, back and legs as well as headaches can be the cause of a bad posture that you are used to for years and year. Sometimes this might be a simple habit you are used to and will not even realize that your posture is harmful to your own physical health. One of the best ways to avoid these pains and age related pain is therefore to maintain a proper posture when you are working. PT can help you to regain your posture through the strengthening of postural muscles.

PT is a not a treatment method that is limited for those who underwent surgery or severe injuries. If followed regularly, PT treatments can help you to get rid of some of the most common issues you face in your everyday life.

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