The rates of addiction all around the world are increasing and it is not just school children or the ones that come from troubled homes who are at risk for this situation. In fact high functioning addiction is very commonly observed among professionals who are doing exceedingly well for themselves every day. It is important therefore for you to understand why this happens and it could be because you are somebody who is battling addiction yourself or it could be because you know somebody who is and you want to help them overcome this. Here are some of the most common reasons why professionals are common victims of addiction too.

They Work In High Stress Situations Every Day

One of the most common reasons why this could possibly be happening with professionals is because they work in high stress environments every day. Trying to cope with all that stress and failing to do so in a healthy manner is why this happens for the most part. At first it would begin as something that they or you would try out just once in a while to relax and unwind from all the stress that you need to handle regularly and you would most probably really like the feeling that it gives you. Before you know it you would be increasing the frequency of the intake and also you will be taking more and more in terms of dosage. This is how an addiction builds. Today there are options like executive drug rehab programs that can really help you remove yourself from this situation. Understand that escaping stress with the se of toxic chemicals that are also addictive is not the way to handle stress.

They Do Not Wish To Speak About Their Issues

The possible invasion of privacy that could happen and people misunderstanding their situation which could really harm their professional reputation is one of the reasons that addiction in professionals really grow until they reach dangerous levels. They wish to maintain appearances which are fair enough given that they do not want anybody to spread tales about what they are going through and portray them in a negative light. That said the more that you keep quiet and think that this will go away after a while is one of the most common ways in which your addiction could actually get out of control. You cannot be your own boss when it comes to something like addiction; you need somebody to show you the way in which to overcome this.

They Think It Can Be Controlled Like Their Work

Professionals who work in really high stress environments, who are in high management levels and are used to being in control all of the time will think that in addiction they can still be in control too. This will never happen because once the substance that you are using takes control of your mind and your body you will only feel the incredibly overpowering need to somehow fill that need. The more that you think that you are in control the more power you will lose over your own life and the decisions that you make.

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